GrfBuilder and libgrf

Here, you can find GrfBuilder, and libgrf.

GrfBuilder is a tool for managing GRF files (read/write/edit/preview/etc). It uses libgrf to read and write GRF files.

libgrf is the library used by GrfBuilder, and includes many useful functions

GrfBuilder is now OpenSource. You can check it out from SVN. If you're interested, contact me and send me patches for GrfBuilder.

New version 0.1.30 with some bugfixes, including binary stuff for Win32 and a fix to avoid infinite loop when using grf_merge() in some conditions.

Key features

GrfBuilder and libgrf have some unique features, and also some standard features. Here's a list of those features:


Latest release: 0.1.30 (see all releases)


Currently available locales :

You can do your own translations using the empty template and contact me to have them included in the next release.


You can contact me directly by mail or on IRC (CGI:IRC access).

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